Riceland Rice Mix, Saffron Yellow

A gluten free food. Family farmer owned. Rice n Easy: Saffron Yellow Rice Mix: I am the fourth generation here at Hula Farms. Being a farmer is the most rewarding and hardest work I know. I like the opportunity we get to plant a rice crop, watch it grow and harvest it each year. I also like creating things with my hands. Here's an example: When I was a teenager, I created a piece of equipment that helped us on the farm. My neighbor wanted one, and 35 years later, I am still making it for rice farmers all across the country. Skip and Cathy Hula. Our growers are the owners. Since 1921, our cooperative of American family farmers has been working the land and growing wholesome, quality rice for dinner tables around the world. Get to know us at riceland.com. Comments & question? 1-855-Riceway. ricelandcares.com. Grown in the USA rice.