Riceland Rice Mix, Long Grain & Wild

A gluten free food. Family farmer owned. Rice n Easy: Long Grain & Wild: I'm a third generation farmer. This land doesn't belong to us. This is God's land. We are just stewards on this farm. Protecting God's land is very important to my family. To be a farmer, it's got to be in your blood. The fact that we start with a seed and produce rice that feeds people all over the world gives me a great sense of accomplishment and pride. I enjoy being a farmer. Dennis Martin. Our growers are the owners. Since 1921, our cooperative of American family farmers has been working the land and growing wholesome, quality rice for dinner tables around the world. Get to know us at riceland.com. Comments & question? 1-855-Riceway. ricelandcares.com. Grown in the USA rice.