Mane 'N Tail® Hoofmaker® Hand & Nail Therapy 6 Oz

Intensive Protein Enriched Moisturizer. The Hoofmaker Story - Since 1970: the Hoofmaker was originally developed for horses to moisturize dry, cracked and brittle hooves. Since it was applied to the hoof by hand, over time many of the horse owners began to notice a dramatic improvement in the condition of their hands and the strength of their nails. No you can discover the secret being luxuriously soft skin and beautiful nails. The exclusive combination of our intensive protein enriched ingredients enable your hands to achieve a soft, natural feel while moisturizing dry and cracked skin areas. With daily application The Hoofmaker protects against nail damage and will help maintain strong and flexible nails. The Hoofmaker Benefits: Moisturizes dry cracked skin; Protects against nail damage; Maintains strong and flexible nails; Softens and conditions callused, rough areas; Restores vital nutrients. Made and Distributed in the USA.